We Build in Public! 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻

Do you enjoy building & sharing what you've learned in public?

If so, you are a part of the #buildinpublic gang!

🚀 A free buildsinpublic.com sub-domain 💁‍♂️

I'm giving away free sub-domains to people who build in public:

How to get your name:

  1. Choose the name you want
  2. Choose the website you want to redirect it to
  3. Fill out the form below!

Domain request form

Why are you doing this?

I lucked out and got the domain buildsinpublic.com

I thought: "I want to share this with my #buildinpublic family."

Just to see how people would respond, I made a post on Twitter...

And that post did much better 🤯🚀 than expected

So far, 104 people have claimed their ___.buildsinpublic.com name!

And it makes me proud to help that many people along their journey 😄, even if it's just a little bit.

Will it always be free? How long will it stay up?

I will keep running this for free for as long as I can. Probably until at least the year 2040.

The domain is set up on Google Domains and doesn't expire until 2028 and I'm planning to continue renewing it forever.

#buildinpublic gang:

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